Sweetheart Votes

Gwinnett County’s Queen and Gwinnett County’s Sweethearts:

GWINNETT’S QUEEN AND GWINNETT SWEETHEARTS: These need to be turned in no later than September the 11th. The contestant collecting the most votes will be crowned Gwinnett’s Queen. It is $1 per vote, and anyone can vote as many times as they wish. This is a totally separate competition and does not affect the outcome of the pageant. We will also be awarding the title(s) of Gwinnett’s Sweetheart. Prizes will be awarded depending upon the amount of votes collected. Collect $100-$199 and receive a round crown and sash. Collect $200-299 and receive a round crown, sash and a trophy. Collect $300-$399 and receive a round crown, sash, a trophy and a scepter.

Collect $400-$499 and receive a round crown, sash, a trophy, crown, scepter and special gift. Collect $500 and over but not collecting the most will receive the same as those collecting $400-$499.

The person collecting the Most over $500 will be awarded the title of Gwinnett’s Queen and will receive a round crown, custom embroidered sash, a trophy, scepter, crown pin, and gifts. The prizes will be awarded during your age group at the pageant.

Sweetheart Form Here: missgwinnettqueenvoteform