There are 2 ways to register your child for a Miss Gwinnett Youth Pageant:

  1. Register and Pay on line
  2. Register and Pay in person 9/11 at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds from 10-2 pm


REHEARSAL IS 9/10 10-2.

Sunday, September 18:


  • 12:00 Baby Miss (0-18 months), Tiny Miss (5-6 years old), Junior Miss (13-14 years old)
  • 2:00 Wee Miss (3-4 years old), Little Miss (7-8 years old), Young Miss (11-12 years old)
  • 4:00 Toddler Miss (19-35 months), Young Junior Miss (7-8 years old), Teen Miss (15-17 years old)

NOTICE: Age group queen MUST have her picture made immediately after crowning. This will be needed for the program book next year and the newspaper.

AWARDS: There will be a Queen, 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner up in each division. Runners up will receive beautiful trophies. Queens will receive, trophy, crown, sash, and a fair ride pass.

Photogenic winners will receive a sash and a tiara. Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Smile and Prettiest Eyes will receive a sash. Prettiest Dress, Smile and Eyes will be judged in the beginning line up. Gwinnett’s Queen will receive numerous awards (see below).

DRESS TIPS: Contestants wearing short dresses should wear white socks and white shoes. Ages 0-4 should compete in a short dress. Ages 5-8 may wear short or long dresses and 9 and up should wear long dresses. Long dresses must be floor length, not ankle or tea length. Contestants should not wink, wave, blow kisses or make cutesy faces. No fingernail polish except clear polish or French or American manicure is acceptable. Gloves or props are not acceptable. No jewelry should be worn except age appropriate sized earrings. Make up is allowed but should be age appropriate. Please no spray tans or obviously fake hair.


Photogenic Competition photos as well as photos for program book should be e-mailed to: include the name of the contestant, the age group and age group title. Headshots are best:  black and white or color is acceptable. Cutesy pictures are generally not competitive. Photogenic is a separate competition and does not affect the outcome of the pageant. One photogenic picture is included in the pageant entry. Additional photogenic pictures may be submitted for $5.00 each. Photogenic pictures are judged prior to the pageant by photographers not connected with the pageant.

Pictures must be submitted prior to September 11 to be included in the program book and to be judged for photogenic awards..

GWINNETT’S QUEEN AND GWINNETT SWEETHEARTS: These need to be turned in no later than September the 11th. The contestant collecting the most votes will be crowned Gwinnett’s Queen. It is $1 per vote, and anyone can vote as many times as they wish. This is a totally separate competition and does not affect the outcome of the pageant. We will also be awarding the title(s) of Gwinnett’s Sweetheart. Prizes will be awarded depending upon the amount of votes collected. Collect $100-$199 and receive a round crown and sash. Collect $200-299 and receive a round crown, sash and a trophy. Collect $300-$399 and receive a round crown, sash, trophy and a scepter.

Collect $400-$499 and receive a round crown, sash, trophy, crown, scepter and special gift. Collect $500 and over but not collecting the most will receive the same as those collecting $400-$499.

The person collecting the Most over $500 will be awarded the title of Gwinnett’s Queen and will receive a round crown, custom sash, trophy, scepter, crown, pin, and gift. The prizes will be awarded during your age group at the pageant.

CONTESTANT NUMBERS, TICKETS AND SEATING: Contestant numbers will be assigned in order of registration received, in reverse order. For example if you are first to register, you will have the last number in your age group for competition and last to register will be #1. Admission tickets will be provided at rehearsal. If you cannot be at rehearsal, you must send someone to pick up your tickets. that day. If you lose your tickets we cannot replace them. Each contestant will be given two parent/family passes and will have two reserved seats for their child’s pageant.

COMPETITION: All contestants in ages 0 months through 4 years must have a parent or friend over the age   of 21 accompany them onstage, however if your child is capable of competing by herself you may stand in the back corner of the stage. Ages 5 and over will compete on stage alone. All parents not accompanying a child on stage must leave the backstage area approximately 10 minutes prior to competition.  Only one female adult person (21 or over, unless a parent) is allowed backstage with the contestant. The dressing rooms are small.  We strongly suggest make-up be done prior to arriving but bring your clothing and change in the dressing room. Contestants should arrive no later than 30 minutes or earlier than 50 minutes prior to pageant time. No curling irons, hot rollers or blow dryers are allowed, but you may wear rollers into the room.  If a Dad is escorting the contestant we must know this 15 minutes prior to competition. Each pageant will have a parade of contestants with ALL age groups contestants. Any contestant not on time for the beginning line up may compete but will have 2 points per judge automatically deducted from her score. If the contestant is not present by the time her number is called for individual competition, she will be disqualified and no refunds will be given, however she may present her on stage walk.

MODELING FORMATION: The modeling formation is a T and we will practice this at rehearsal – three Xs in the front and one in the back. They will be marked on the stage. A “sideways walk” and hands on the hips walk should be avoided. Contestants should be picked up by a parent or responsible adult after the pageant.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Good sportsmanship is expected of all contestants, friends and family. Poor sportsmanship may result in pageant disqualification. Contestants may never have been married, had a marriage annulled or have had a child.

LOST AND FOUND: We are not responsible for damage to any clothing or other articles however, we make every effort to collect all items left after the pageant. Please contact us within one week after the pageant if you have misplaced something.